OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition


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Oppo Watch EVA Limited Edition [Quick Specs]:

  • OS: ColorOS
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Charging: VOOC fast-charging tech
  • Display: 1.91-inch 3D AMOLED

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AED 1,599.00

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OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition: Overview

Oppo Watch Evangelion Limited Edition is the latest Oppo SmartWatch to land on the markets of Dubai. It packs a lot of smart features to compete with all the smartwatches in the industry. It can be your luxury just for AED1,599.00. It comes with vibrant color design with the color-mixture of red and black. The display screen features and colors on the straps make it stand out from the rest.

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition 3D Curved AMOLED Screen:

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition comes with a 1.91-inch 3D dual-curved flexible AMOLED display with a 72.76% screen-to-body ratio. The watch packs in a 402×476 resolution, which supports 326 PPI density display features.

This PPI density is a noteworthy feature on the watch because many smartphones come with a lower value on this factor. The device can render high-quality images with crisp detail and vibrant colors. There is a 100% DCP-P3 color gamut on the device.

The P3 and Adobe RGB have a similar range and can do better than sRGB. The Adobe RGB edges over the P3 in covering the extreme-cyan colors.

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition fast chargning

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition Platform:

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition operates on an OPPO ColorOS Watch software, which runs on Android OS. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 chipset and the Apollo3 low-power chip are the important-elements of the device. This two-chip design allows for longer battery life.

The use of Snapdragon chipset will allow the device to render and process applications with ease. The data processing required for optimal-output and heavy-duty-tasks is all on the Snapdragon chipset. The Apollo3 is there to process the less-intensive tasks.

There are a 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage in all models of Oppo Watches. These specifications on a SmartWatch is sufficient enough to process every task with ease.

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition Sensor:

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition features a quad-optic heart rate sensor which keeps you updated on your heart’s health and can also detect anomalies. The device uses the sensors on the rear of the watch to take inputs via the wrist.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 chipset can handle this process with ease and efficiency. The device sensors can read the surroundings well and produce effective0results.

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition full contents

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition eSIM Support:

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition comes with eSIM support, that allows you to make and receive calls on the device. You can store your contacts on the phone, which makes it possible for calling without the use of your phone, once you connect your phone and the watch.

You can also independently listen to music via your Bluetooth headphones. The 8GB Storage on the device allows you to store lots of data like photos, videos, and more. You will be able to listen to music using Bluetooth headsets.

EVA Limited Edition Battery Life:

The watch has a fast-charging, 430 mAh battery that powers the system. The battery life of the device is nothing but appreciable. You will be able to use the watch for 40 hours on a Smart-Mode and 21 days in the Low-Power Mode.

There is a VOOC charging technology on the device, which enables the fast-charging. The Oppo Company advertises the charging speed of 50% in just 17 minutes. You get a USB based-wired-charger that can charge your watch at a considerable rate.

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition strap variation

50m Waterproof:

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition is waterproof up to 50m in water. You can wear it underwater while swimming. The design of the watch is slick and has a symmetric-body with water-resistant technology that resists water from entering the internal premises of the watch.

OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition Extra:

The Oppo Watch Eva Limited Edition comes with a pair of extra straps, which you can use as you will. The strap colors have just two variations of black and white with branding prints. You can detach and attach the straps with ease.

  • OPPO Watch EVA Limited Edition is up to 50 meters water resistant.
  • 1.91-inch 3D dual curved flexible AMOLED display.
  • Come with a Snapdragon Wear 2500 chip and the Apollo3 low-power chip.
  • Feature a quad-optic heart rate sensor.
  • Support cellular connectivity via an eSIM, run OPPO ColorOS Watch software.
  • VOOC charging tech, up to 40 hours in Smart Mode and up to 21 days in Low Power mode.

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