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The Korean giant Samsung is a formidable player in the smartphone industry. It is the undisputed king in the Android phone market and enjoys the maximum share in sales and market presence. There are many reasons behind the enduring success of Samsung smartphones. A significant contributing factor behind its success is the diverse variety of its product range. There is a Samsung phone for virtually every kind of customer. Whether you want a budget phone, a reasonably priced phone, a phone with essential and some top-end features, or a high-tech, powerful phone with top specs, there is a Samsung phone that will satisfy your requirements. 

Samsung also invests heavily in product research and innovation. It has led the way in sharp, vibrant phone displays, cameras, foldable phones, and overall build quality. In the face of several cheaper Chinese smartphone brands, Samsung has held its own and remained the proud market leader. It has several lines of smartphones that regularly churn out well-received new models. 

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