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OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone brand that has made inroads in the market. It is a relatively new brand but, in a short span, has made quite a name for itself. OnePlus is known for its sleek and stylishly designed smartphones that exude charm and luxury. Its phones are characterized by top-end specs packaged together to work as a unified whole, giving users a satisfying experience. 

OnePlus has also worked on its product range and tried to make it diverse and extensive to enlarge its target market. The Chinese brand is also working on its marketing and advertising side to make its brand more noticeable and recognizable. Many customers now swear by its quality and enjoy having a OnePlus phone. 

It has been slowly but steadily increasing its market share, with more and more customers opting for a OnePlus phone on the strengths of its specs, performance, and word-of-mouth publicity. Based on its performance, we can safely assume that this Chinese brand is poised for bigger things. It will be a force to reckon with, and we can see it as a significant market player. 

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