Apple iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

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Shock-Resistant Layer

It shields against the impacts and shocks. This selective layer performs functions beyond protecting the phone from damage by accidental falls and bumps.

High Touch Sensitivity

It ensures that the device retains a tactile feeling for easier operation. Due to its enhanced touch sensitivity, this screen protector acts as a barrier between your fingertips and your phone’s touchscreen, providing you with a flawless and enjoyable interaction, thus allowing you to effortlessly use your phone’s touchscreen.

Rounded Edges

It has a complete syncing with your phone and a good touch feel. This screen protector has rounded edges, not only making your device look beautiful but also allowing you to grab your phone more comfortably with a smooth fit, putting all the protector and the phone into an integrated harmony.

Durable and Easy to Apply

Lens made of premium curved glass that is simple to put on and which lasts for a long time. Made from high-quality materials this screen protector is easy to install as well as being durable with zero effort application and long-lasting surface protection for your phone’s screen.

Vivid Colors

It provides sharp and stunning colors on a phone’s screen. The screen protector does this by preserving the original accuracy of your phone’s display and the brightness of colors on the screen. Hence, you can enjoy a film with remarkable clarity without any distortion.

Maximum Protection

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector keeps your phone from scratching and dusting, therefore preserving its flawless shine and finish. Providing thorough protection for dust particles and scratches, this screen protector not only maintains and enhances the quality of your phone’s screen but also retains its original shininess and finish for a long time.

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