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OnePlus 7T (Black)Full Glue Tempered Edge to Edge Full Screen Coverage

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Thick Oleophobic Coating

With a thick oleophobic coating on the OnePlus 7T full-screen protector, it makes the screen resistant to fingerprints and smudges maintaining clarity even when the screen gets clouded. A transparent coating is used to ensure that your device’s display stays clean by not allowing any smudges or scratches to appear on it. This coating helps to maintain the pristine condition of the display.

99.89% Touch Responsive

Feel the exceptional accuracy and fluidity with this screen protector while you will have the greatest undistorted touch reactions. The most outstanding feature is that it has a high touch sensitivity option which facilitates effortless screen operations without much strain on the user.

Flexible and Shatterproof

This is the screen protector off the bat that is both flexible and shatterproof. It is therefore dependable against the potential dropped impacts as well as everyday wear and tear. It sports an easy-to-tacky frame that works well for the absorption of shock and thus makes sure of no screen damage resulting from accidental drops or knocks.

Edge Chip Protection

With a special destructive element benefit, this screen protector is responsible for the long-lasting behavior of the edges of your screen. Having protection on all the boundaries prevents edges, which are prone to be cracked or broken. This makes sure the surface is protected at full.

Protection against Scratching, Scraping, and Abrasion

This screen protector will be the ultimate protector of your screen from scratching, scraping, and abrasion. Boost its durability and defense abilities to the maximum. Its special structure shields your phone’s display from daily punctures and fallout, and if you are careful, it will continue to look attractive.

Clear, Ultra-Thin, and Dust-Repelling

This crystal-clear and ultra-thin screen protector will protect the clarity of your screen without compromising precision and quality like the ones offering more protection. Besides, it also prevents dust excellently which in turn, guarantees that the surface remains clean and eligible for visibility.

Improves Handwriting Recognition

Improve your device’s writing recognition by employing this screen protector that is fitted with glass that is both smooth and responsive for drawing and writing. With the touch sensitivity being enhanced, the recognition of every input is as precise as it can get. This makes it a great partner in every task that involves drawing or writing on the screen of your mobile device.

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