Nubia Red Magic 5G Docking Station Black

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Original Docking station from red magic


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Nubia Red Magic 5G Docking Station: Overview

Red Magic 5G Docking Station is an ultimate Gaming accessory for all the Red Magic 3 Gamers. ZTE designed the device focusing on the gaming speed and data transmission. It will cost you around AED249.00 in the markets of Dubai, UAE. If you are a Red Magic Owner, then you should own one of these. Let us jump into the specs and values of the device and see if it is worth your money.

Simple Design:

Docking Station has a simple design that sits on a flat base. It tilts at a certain angle, which makes it suitable for viewing experience. The station has a clamper with a firm grip on the Red Magic 5G Phone. You need not worry about your phone falling off easily. The docking station has the branding on its back, which lights up whenever it is on.

You will find a secondary 3.5 mm jack port, an ethernet port, and a type-c charging port on the back. These ports sit horizontally aligned. With these arrangements on the back, you will never bother about the cords.

Faster Data Transmission:

Now you do not have to play online games with the laggy WiFi bandwidth. You can directly plug in the ethernet cable on the Red Magic 5G Docking Station. It allows you to connect to the internet directly, which offers faster data transmission.  You will notice the difference in Gaming while using the Docking Station. ZTE has come up with a new idea of a direct ethernet connection, which is awesome.

The first-ever ethernet connection to your Smartphone enables you to dominate online mobile gaming. You won’t feel the lags you generally feel while gaming over a WiFi connection. It is better than any WiFi or a mobile data connection. You will never regret buying the station if you are a mobile gamer.

Not only gaming, but faster data transmission is also always helpful for streaming online videos and surfing the internet. You will have the ability to browse through with astonishing speed.

What would have been better?

You cannot project the screen to bigger Displays with the Red Magic 5G Docking Station. If there was a port for display output is would have been the ultimate gaming accessory. The Docking station doesn’t charge your phone. If it did, it would have been icing on the cake.

You do not have to worry about the gaming controller connection. The Red Magic 3 Gaming Controller has Bluetooth support, which enables you to connect and play.

Worth the money?

We say yes. You get to enjoy the new technology with a little investment. You get faster data rates and flawless internet access while gaming and streaming videos. What else do you need?

If you are a mobile gamer, you will not regret spending AED249.00 on the device. You can use the Red Magic 5G Docking Station just for docking your phone too. It has multi-purpose, which is definitely worth all your money.


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