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Nubia Red Magic 5G Screen Protector — Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

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High Quality Screen protectator

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Nubia Red Magic 5G Screen Protector: Overview

The Red Magic 5G has a Corning Gorilla Glass system pre-installed by the company. The Corning Gorilla Glass has an effective-and-reactive touch Response. The protection system alone can stand some extent of pressure and force on dropping. 

So, why install the Nubia Red Magic 5G Screen Protector? The answer is an extra layer of protection. The installation of this Screen Protector on the Red Magic 5G phone will not distort any of the display features of the phone.

The Screen protector will ensure to keep your screen safe and always new. The installation and removable of the protector is an easy task. This process will not hamper any element of the display feature.

Nubia Red Magic 5G Screen Protector Features:
  • Tempered¬†glass has an excellent defensive performance.
  • It has a super high transmittance and high restoring the original color of the screen.
  • It supports the anti-glare coating to prevent glare derivative.
  • It uses tempered glass, its hardness up to 9H, and scratch-resistant.
  • 2.5D edging craft makes the film fit the screen easily, combine the film and phone body better.
  • There is no risk of hurting your hands in the process.
  • Creates perfect edges, make the film thinner, clearer, and safer.
  • Environmental and silicon coating, quicker adsorption can be reused after cleaning.



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