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Pro Handle Protective Case for RedMagic 5G: Overview

The pro handle protective case for Red Magic 5G focuses on the gaming factor of the Nubia Red Magic 5G Phone. It is a luxury to own for those who have the Nubia Red Magic Gaming Phone. It costs AED49.00, which is the same cost as the Red Magic 5G Protective Case.

The pro handle protective case comes with a single color variation of primarily black and secondary yellow and red. The structure of the case comes in two variations of full-black that excludes the red and yellow colored parts on its sides.

The weight of the pro handle protective case for Red Magic 5G is just 90 grams. This additional weight is negligible.

Pro Handle Protective Case for Red Magic 5G has the following features:

Dedicated for the RedMagic E-Sports Handle: Complete protection of the phone, along with the enhancement of the E-Sports Experience.

Cool Shape: The X Mecha Style perfectly fits the design of the Red magic 5G.

Comfortable Handheld Feel: It has a great design and precision CNC matching.

Easy to Use: Easily takes off without damaging the phone.

Complete Protection: The easy dispersion of the impact force when dropped allows the maximum protection.

Game Handle Attachment: You will be able to attach a game handle on both ends of the case. The handle provides you cooler gaming experience.


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