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Red Magic 3 E-Sports Gaming Controller


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Original E-Sports Gaming Controller

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Red Magic 5G Controller: Overview

ZTE designed the Red Magic 5G Controller for the Red Magic 3 gamers. Now you can enhance your gaming experience with the controller. People often call it a Red Magic 3 Handle Controller. You can get the controller for just AED199.00 in Dubai, UAE. It is one of the gaming accessories along with the Red Magic 5G Docking Station.

The controller doesn’t have a pair, but you can use the identical one on the other side. You need a Red Magic Phone Case with the slider on each side to attach the handles. The Phone case with sliders is not the carbon-fiber material, which makes it a bit slippery. The handle slides into the slider and locks with a perfect grip. You do not have to worry about your phone falling off.


Red Magic 5G Controller size is just as the breadth of the Red Magic 3 Phone. It fits in your hand and doesn’t occupy much space in your bag. You can carry it around, just slide it in and enjoy your games anytime, anywhere.  The device has four shoulder triggers [LT, LB, RT, and RB] buttons on both ends. This feature allows you to use it on either side.

This controller has a 360-degree directional stick as well as four arrow keys. The phone allows you to use two handles at the same time. You can enjoy fast reaction games with both the handles.


The GamePad connects with you Red Magic 3 with the help of the Bluetooth. It allows super-fast control on the calibration and i-game controls. You customize the calibrations and in-game setting with the Red Magic Game Desk, just a click away. Once you configure the handle wit your Red Magic 5G Phone, you just have to switch it on and it will pair itself.


ZTE doesn’t specify the actual battery features on the handle. You get a decent battery life once you fully charge it. Since the handle is wireless, there’s a USB-C port to charge up the battery. You can play games like PUBG (RPG) and Asphalt (racing games) for hours and still have sufficient charge left.

Worth the money?

You will have a bit of difficulty playing with the handle. Once you enjoy the calibration settings, you will not want to go back to the basic screen touch gaming. Every game becomes easy and convenient with the use of the Red Magic 5G Controller. So, we say yes to spending AED199.00 for such a gaming experience.

Connectivity Bluetooth
Colour Name Black/Red
Connection Type Bluetooth
Model Number GH1001

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