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Samsung Note 20 Screen Protector

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Full Coverage for Screen Protection

The Full Edge-to-Edge Coverage feature provides comprehensive protection for your phone’s screen. This also ensures that the entire surface is protected from potential damage resulting in enhancing safety and longevity. It without any difficulty protects the screen from scratches and impacts effectively.

Excellent Clarity and Transparency

High Transparency offers crystal-clear clarity without colored edges or dot matrix delivering a fantastic viewing experience. This maintains the original display quality of your phone. This feature ensures optimal visibility and an immersive viewing experience without any visual distortions.

9H Hardness for Added Protection

With a 9H Surface Hardness, this tempered glass screen protector offers exceptional durability providing superior protection against scratches and impacts. The high hardness rating ensures long-lasting defense against daily wear and tear while keeping the screen in the best condition.

Prevents Fingerprints on Screen Surface

The Anti-Fingerprint Coating feature includes an oil-repellent coating that reduces fingerprints and smudges on the screen. Your screen is kept clean and clear for a crystal-clear appearance. This coating helps maintain a smudge-free screen for improved visibility and cleanliness.

Slim Profile

The Slim Design of only 0.33mm ensures that the tempered glass maintains the sleek look and feel of your phone while offering robust protection against potential damage. This thin profile preserves the aesthetic appeal of your device while providing reliable screen protection.

Anti-Shatter Design

A.S.F (Anti-Shattered Film) technology ensures that even if the glass breaks, it remains intact to prevent sharp edges, making it safer to handle and reducing the risk of injury. This feature enhances safety by minimizing the hazards associated with broken glass screens.

Bubble-free Installation and Easy Removal

Nanoscale Optical Adhesives guarantee a strong bond between the glass protector and the screen, facilitating easy and bubble-free installation for an easy application process. This adhesive technology ensures a secure attachment that enhances the longevity and effectiveness of the screen protector.

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