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Samsung S21 Screen Protector

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High Sensitivity

The Samsung S21 Screen Protector is processed using special chemicals, this not only gives a better window-to-screen display but also has great conductivity ability for a smooth touch experience that is completely accurate and effortless for your device usage. 

Oleophobic Coating

This glass screen protector provides efficient resistance to smudges and oily fingerprints. This allows the protection of your screen from unwanted marks and distorted views.

Super Hardness

Having a strong hardness rating from 8 to 9H, this glass appears to protect the screen rigorously. This will ensure that the screen remains resistant to daily wear, scratches, and scuffs. The high score in this hardness indicates a long-lasting screen life so that the window of the mobile phone will remain undamaged and the lifetime of the device stays for a long time.

Slim Design

The chemically treated tempered glass of its meticulous screen maintains a sleek profile that guarantees a comfortable touch feeling and makes your device look neat without adding any bulk. This kind of screen protection keeps the look clean without sacrificing the sleekness of your device’s design. The narrow body improves the physical suitability of the product, and at the same time ensures the uniformity of aesthetics, thus making the product blend in with your device’s original design.

Anti-Shattered Film

A.S.F (Anti-Shattering Film) technology, implemented in this tempered glass protector, ensures that the glass remains in one piece even in the eventuality of breakage, thus deterring sharp edges and reducing the risk of injuries. 

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